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In brief

Reduce and Refuse, Recycle and Replace – The Plastics Roadmap for Finland 2.0

The Plastics Roadmap for Finland, a programme of measures for promoting a circular economy for plastics, was completed in October 2018, based on the proposal of the working group appointed by the Ministry of the Environment. It was the first national programme with a cross-sectoral approach to promoting a sustainable circular economy for plastics, or any other material, for that matter.

The Ministry of the Environment launched a process to update the Plastics Roadmap in late 2021 and the update process was finished June 2022. The goal of the Plastics Roadmap 2.0 is to ensure the breakthrough of a circular plastics economy in Finland by 2030.

Key actions and several measures


Reduce littering and avoid unnecessary consumption

Significantly increase the recovery of plastic waste

Introduce diverse and adequate recycling solutions for recovered plastics

Considerably improve the recyclability of plastic products and the use of recycled plastic

Invest in solutions that replace plastics

Promote the recycling and replacement of plastics in agriculture and horticulture

Accelerating the circular plastics economy in construction

Promote solutions to the plastics challenge in international cooperation

Export expertise and solutions

Enhancing research knowledge on negative health and environmental impacts of plastics and solutions to these

Cross-cutting measures


The update to the Plastics Roadmap was carried out by the cooperation network that was set up by the Ministry of the Environment to promote the implementation of the Plastics Roadmap and develop any required further measures. The network has received support from an expert secretariat in charge of writing the programme. A mid-term review was conducted to support the updating efforts. The results and recommendations of the various research projects that have supported the implementation of the Plastics Roadmap were also taken into account in the updates.

If you want to know more, please contact Merja Saarnilehto,

A plastics roadmap for Finland 2.0 (pdf)

A plastics roadmap for Finland (pdf)


Cooperation network:

Chair Leena Ylä-Mononen, Director General, Ministry of the Environment

Deputy chair Jyrki Alkio, team leader, Chief Specialist, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment

Members Johanna Nykyri, Senior Specialist / Titta Berlin, Ministerial Adviser (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry), Mikko Paunio, Senior Ministerial Adviser (Ministry of Social Affairs and Health), Merja Sandell, Senior Ministerial Adviser, (Ministry of the Finance), Anna-Maija Pajukallio, Senior Ministerial Adviser (Ministry of the Environment), Vesa Kärhä, CEO (Finnish Plastics Industries Federation), Pia Vilenius, Chief Advisor (Chemical Industry Federation of Finland), Mika Surakka, CEO (Finnish Plastics Recycling), Heli Tammivuori, Director (Finnish Food and Drinks Industries’ Federation), Aaron Vuola, Manager, Circular Economy and Environment (Finnish Forest Industries), Tuuli Kunnas, Head of Standardisation, Product Manager (Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries), Mikko Somersalmi, Technical Director (RAKLI), Marja Ola, Chief Policy Adviser (Finnish Commerce Federation) / Ilkka Nieminen, Director (Finnish Grocery Trade Association), Kaisa Halme, Communications Specialist (Suomen Kiertovoima ry), Otto Lehtipuu, Managing Director (Finnish Environmental Industries YTP), Airi Kulmala, Environmental Expert (Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners), Sampsa Vilhunen, Head of Programme / Iiris Kokkonen, Marine Conservation Officer (WWF Finland), Salka Orivuori, Development Manager (Martha organisation), Tiina Vyyryläinen, Head of Policy Team (Consumers’ Union of Finland), Sampo Tukiainen, Network Lead (Business Finland)


Secretary-General Merja Saarnilehto, Programme Manager (Ministry of the Environment)

Members Mika Honkanen, Ministerial Adviser (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment), Sari Kauppi, Senior Research Scientist (Finnish Environment Institute SYKE), Panu Rantakokko, Research Manager (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare), Juha-Matti Katajajuuri,
Senior Scientist, Senior Customer Manager (Natural Resources Institute Finland), Jarmo Ropponen, Vice President, Industrial chemistry (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd)